Agile Gaming Exercise

  • 26 March 2020
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Any usage of MIRO for Agile Gaming exercise?

9 replies

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Hey @Rico Trevisan @Avi Bachar at AgilePrimero @Kiron Bondale, can you suggest anything here? :wink:

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Thanks for the tag @Marina !

@3sConsultant , there are tons of agile games which can be adapted for virtual play.

The Dot game/Coin game which teaches the benefits of a flow vs. a batch approach can be easily set up by using a set of circles and have individual learners within a team change the color of those first in a batch and then one at a time before passing them on.

The Lego game can be adapted to become a drawing game. Come up with a bunch of stories for progressively more challenging drawing items, use the Kanban template to organize the stories and let the creativity and competitiveness of the teams come out.

You can do a simple relative sizing game such as making a fruit salad by finding different images of fruit and having the team order them based on the relative effort needed to prepare them for a fruit salad.

The key with migrating exercises from physical to virtual is to not try to do it 1:1 - think about the purpose underlying the exercise and then leverage the most creative approach which Miro provides.

The three day agile foundations course which I teach has almost a dozen exercises. I’ve been able to adapt all of them to virtual so you can definitely do it if you have the time and imagination.

Good luck!


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The key with migrating exercises from physical to virtual is to not try to do it 1:1 - think about the purpose underlying the exercise and then leverage the most creative approach which Miro provides.


@3sConsultant What are the learning objectives that you have in mind?



@Marina thanks for the nudge.

Thank you for the response, will review the Lego exercise for using other means. 
Thanks Marina for the push. How did she pick this unanswered post?
Well appreciated, Rico and Kiron. 

Problem statement: with this remote working options, the delivery teams are hinting on risks with the management teams taking too long to take decisions. It is slowing down the process and challenging. To overcome that, the advisory teams need to come up with new innovative ideas to get the management team to turn around decisions quickly and effectively.

Scope for Virtual Gaming exercise: Decision making game for the teams to stay focused, make decision and take quick actions for complex problems. I repeat complex problems. 
Not generating ideas, nor brain storming, nor creating effective user stories, nor establishing smart goals. 

My requirements: 
Has to be decision making for complex problems. Has to be played remotely via virtual means. 

Technology to be used: Use Zoom video conferencing, Zoom breakout rooms, merge with MIRO collaboration interactive digital board, and mixed usage of both Mac and Windows. Prefer to be independent of digital pens with more usage of drag and drop functionality of the boards. 

We should not let short term events be a bottleneck and MIRO should be able to overcome these temporary obstacles. Likely, these remote exercising tactical strategy will become a long term strategic selling point for MIRO. Any advice is appreciated, 

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Sounds like a worthy use case.

How would you have tackled this if there weren’t the pandemic-created restrictions? What might cause the decision making teams to take too long? Is it a question of understanding the urgency of the decision, a lack of perceived empowerment, low priority (relative to other decisions/actions) or something else?

Without understanding that, it might be difficult to construct a good exercise to respond to this risk...

Co-location never caused the issue. Noticing the risks after the travel ban about a month back. Getting into the urgency now and joining the MIRO community.

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I’d suggest it would still be worth understanding “why” delays are occurring to come up with a good solution. For example, if the root cause is certain decision makers are now unable to dedicate as much time to their daily work because of personal commitments they now have to burden that’s a very different area to focus on than if it is increased confusion about the decision-making process itself.

Given that you are indicating the risks have been realized, has any root cause analysis been done to identify why this is happening?

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There are lots of uses for Miro to create and conceptualize agile gaming concepts.


I have used it to run games on technical debt,  estimation,  prioritisation,  context switching, all manner of things! 

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Would there be a template you would recommend / point towards in this space of Agile gaming on Miro? I’m specifically looking for the Agile Hate game (similar to the penny game)