Product Alignment Framework: Miro's approach to the structured product discovery and retrospectives

  • 8 September 2021
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Hi Miro Heros! As you may know, within the last 15 months, Miro has seen explosive growth —  going from 3 million to 20 million users and from 300 to 900 employees! 📈 But this hasn’t been without challenges, for all teams, especially our product teams on how to scale our processes.


Shortly after I joined Miro – back in early 2020 –, I spent some time crafting and introducing a standard approach to address some of challenges around our product discovery and decision-making engine. We call this framework the Product Alignment Framework, and it’s currently being used across all product teams at Miro.


I thought it would be helpful to prepare a write up and a Coda template that you can re-use and adopt for your own team’s need. Read more about our framework here and copy the doc to get started:

I’d also love to hear your thoughts, questions and feedback on the framework. Join the conversation and drop them under this post and I’ll go through them and get back to you. Thanks a lot!

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