Cultivating thought diversity in your team

  • 4 August 2023
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Cultivating thought diversity in your team
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Thought diversity offers a boost to any type of team. And on Agile teams in particular, diversity of thought isn’t just a competitive advantage — it’s non-negotiable. 

Here’s why:


👍Teams that embody and prioritize openness, respect, and courage provide welcoming, inclusive spaces that cultivate diverse opinions and ideas from all team members.

👍Agile teams need to work, learn, and act nimbly. And when they have solid diversity of thought, teams benefit from more perspectives and  ideas — and that breadth of knowledge makes it easier to make informed decisions and innovate rapidly.

👍A diverse Agile team can more accurately comprehend and even relate to those backgrounds and viewpoints.


Read the full article to discover great tips to cultivate thought diversity.


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