10 out of the box ways you use Miro 😍

  • 2 June 2021
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10 out of the box ways you use Miro 😍
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In celebration of Miro turning 10 this week Miro’s Managing Editor, Jenni Kaye, and Social Media Specialist, McCall Turner, highlighted 10 out of the box ways our community has used Miro :heart_eyes:

:blue_heart:  We love hearing the ways Miro has helped you create and collaborate with your team but more and more we’re seeing Miro used for fun personal projects. From writing a novel to playing Dungeons and Dragons, the Miro community continues to surprise us and we can’t wait to see the unique use cases you discover next.

Don’t forget to tag us on LinkedInInstagramTwitter, or share your story in this online community with your unique uses for Miro so we can feature your creativity in the next round up!


:point_right_tone2:  Check out the blog post

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Happy 10th Miroversary, @Marina! Fantastic list of ideas in the blog that I can use in the future.

Here’s another use of Miro that involved only me and my very muddled brain. I’ve been struggling for weeks to nail a research conceptual framework for my PhD studies. I thought, why not crack open Miro, brain dump everything and see what comes out.

I’m glad to say I now have a framework that my professor is finally supportive of!

Thank you, Miro, for a great personal clarity tool!


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additional Miro has changed so much of my workflow in my private and daily work so here is the link to an other posting where I described my Miro-Worlds:


Or here: More elements of the first link but with more information - in German: