Virtual Miro User Group Events - Upcoming Events October 2020

  • 1 October 2020
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Hello wonderful Miro Community, 

On Wednesday October 7th at 4:00 pm PDT, the next Miro Virtual User Group event for North American will be happening, and this month we are featuring Jed and Sophia Lazar of CozyJuicyReal.

Jed and Sophia have created a board game that encourages teamwork and good conversations...ones that are cozy, juicy, and real! What began as a physical board game with cards and playing pieces has now become a virtual activity in Miro. Whether you are interested in ways to build stronger teams and relationships, or if you want to see how this pair of inspiring leaders created a virtual board game that is interactive and visually sophisticated, everyone will be able to take away something they can apply in their lives or at their work.

More details are available on the Miro Events website, and you can RSVP to register for this free event with your team or on your own. The networking opportunities and great conversations will lead to some new and lasting connections, so sign up today!

Jed and Sophia Mifo Feature Video -

Event Registration Page -



1 reply

Hi Jonathan! Sad to have missed this. How do we get notified of future VMUGs?