V-MUG05: Using Miro as a (group) second brain | Recap

  • 26 March 2020
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Hey everyone! Yesterday we had a fun and interactive V-MUG session where we talked about….BRAINS! Okay, well not exactly. :blush:

@Jeremy Pollack, Solution Principal at Slalom Consulting and Miro’s very own Customer Success Guru, Iris Latour let us in on how their Miro boards encompass an entire project and evolve from planning to ideation to final products all in one commonplace to create a second brain!


Check out the video recording! 



Here are some questions from the V-MUG. Feel free to chime in! 

How would you characterize your corporate culture - pre-Miro and post Miro - any changes/differences?

Two part question, how do you index your ideas and how do you show the relationship between those indexed ideas?


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