Miro Webinars | March 2021

  • 9 March 2021
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Miro Webinars | March 2021
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It's March, so that means we have a new webinar schedule for the month ready to share!

Here's what we have on deck: 

Whether you design digital spaces, garments, rooms, or experiences, we know you need a powerful whiteboard to bring those designs to life. Miro is the collaborative platform you need to help engage your team effectively to deliver on your next big idea.

Join product expert Jennifer Clark for an engaging, instructional webinar. You'll learn all about features like stickies, process mapping, wireframes, custom templates and more to take your online workflow to the next level.

Running online workshops and remote meetings can be challenging. From introducing new technology to keeping everyone on-track, there is a lot to consider.

Join Miro experts Lindsey Meredith and Jennifer Clark as they walk through how to facilitate engaging online workshops and meetings. We'll share half an hour of prepared content and take live Q&A afterward.

Miro is the online collaborative whiteboarding platform where distributed teams get work done. 

Join product expert, Jennifer Clark, in this free 50-minute session as she walks through how to get started with Miro. 


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Hi @Marina 

Great! Thanks for sharing!