Lets talk Leadership! Кто же такой Лидер и где его искать? (Minsk Community Event)

  • 2 August 2021
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Наше Минское отделение проводит очередное общественное мероприятие!

Во главе с нашими лидерами пользователей Артемом Шеином и Вадимом Баяндиным, в рамках наших стандартных встреч мы проведем открытую сессию на тему поиска и определения лидерских качеств, и вместе мы попытаемся определить, что это за редкая находка.

Присоединяйтесь к нам, вторник, 10 августа, 19:00 (GMT + 3)!

RSVP здесь ~ https://events.miro.com/events/details/miro-minsk-presents-kto-zhe-takoi-lider-i-gde-ego-iskat/ 

Надеюсь увидеть тебя там!

Our Minsk Chapter is hosting their next community event! 

Led by our user leaders @Artem Shein and Vadim Bayandin, as part of our standard meetings, we will hold an open session on the topic of finding and defining Leadership qualities, and together we will try to determine what this rare find is.

Join us Tue, Aug 10, 7:00 PM (GMT + 3)!

RSVP Here ~ https://events.miro.com/events/details/miro-minsk-presents-kto-zhe-takoi-lider-i-gde-ego-iskat/ 

Hope to see you there! 

4 replies

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@Artem Shein, what a nice topic! :clap_tone2:

Is it going to be in Russian?

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@Artem Shein, what a nice topic! :clap_tone2:

Is it going to be in Russian?

Right, we thing it will be more effective if we will facilitate in Russian :)

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@Artem Shein How exciting! What I love about your event is the way you’re connecting Miro to the many ways it applies to our lives. I know people who use Miro for everything from wedding planning to setting a company’s strategic objectives for the year. As such, there are lots of related qualities that Miro wants to encourage & being a great leader is absolutely one of them! 

After your event, please share your key learnings here in the community!

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ICYMI - Here is the link to our Miro Board, check it out :)