Into the Miroverse Resources & Boards

  • 3 June 2022
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Into the Miroverse Resources & Boards
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Hello Miro Heroes, 


Thank you for jumping Into the Miroverse with us! This was so fun! We really enjoyed co-creating #MiroArt and building beautiful boards with you!


For everyone who is curious to learn more about Miro Community, being a Creator, and designing dazzling templates, we’re excited to share a bundle of resources so you can continue your journey.


All the recordings can be found here 😃


Into the Miroverse session boards:


Additional resources:

Are there any resources/boards you saw at the event and can’t find now? Drop your requests in the comments! 


And of course, our Miroverse Awards 2022 winners: 

Design Sprints: Remote Design Sprint by Just Mad (@razburciu)

Retrospectives: Atomic Habits Retrospective by@Arthur von Kriegenbergh 

Icebreakers: Coffee Break by Magdalena Benavides

Planning: Planning CAFE by Alex Todeschini

Fun & Games: Pictionary by@Said Saddouk 


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