AMA ft. Rachel Davis + Jonathan White - Distributed '22

  • 17 November 2022
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AMA ft. Rachel Davis + Jonathan White - Distributed '22
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Rachel Davis is a facilitator and workshop experience designer with a soft spot for creative problem-solving. After over a decade of the 9-5 grind, she now runs her own consulting business helping others create workshops, tap into their inner facilitator, and create immersive sessions. Rachel has created over 80 workshops, a combination of both in-person and virtual. Miro is her jam for virtual workshops.


Jonathan White is Founder & CEO of Hiro Studios, a facilitator and Miro Experience Designer. Jon and his team work with clients and colleagues all over the world to create amazing Miro Experiences that get audiences excited and engaged. Drawing from his 20+ years of experience as a Lean Consultant, Jon has a natural, warm, and entertaining facilitation style, and an uncanny ability to bring models, tools, and templates to life in Miro. Jon and Rachel are an awesome duo!

Through working together, they’ve not found a methodology or approach that can stump Jon (just try us!), so consultants, trainers, coaches, and facilitators can both exhale with relief and rejoice with him on their side. Jon loves movies so much that he has his own movie review podcast, so make sure to chat him up about your favorite flick! Jon is also wild for remote collaboration (thus his passion for Miro), so if your question is ever “What do we do?”, his response will definitely be “Create a Miro board!”


Ask Rachel & Jonathan About... 

  • Creating Space for Creativity in Workshops

  • Integrating Play into Remote Collaborations

  • Workshop Creation (Strategy, Activities, and anything else you can think of!)

  • Miro Tips and Tricks

🔗 Missed Rachel and Jon at Distributed ‘22? Watch their session recording here.

💡 Make sure to check out more from Rachel and Jon in the Miroverse.


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27 replies

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Y’all have inspired me to submit this orientation as a Miroverse submission! 



Make a Hiro Studio Miroverse page @Jonathan White 

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