'zoomToObject' is deprecated api. It will be removed soon.

  • 23 June 2021
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As stated in the title, 'zoomToObject' is deprecated api. It will be removed soon. pops up in console everytime I use the “await miro.board.viewport.zoomToObject(widgetID);” command. 


It is nice that you warn users that a certain functionality will be removed, but some insight as to why this would be removed and maybe what will replace this functionality and when would be welcomed too, because right now I cannot find any other suitable command which could replace zoomToObject in my app. 


Maybe keeping a update log page with scheduled updates including scheduled API changes would help, or generally just some form of communication and updates about API issues, like updating metadata  which has been now broken for over a month. 

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Hey @Sami Ljimari


As mentioned in another thread with you:


With the feedback we have collected from the users, we have decided to not decommission the zoomToObject method. The warning message will be removed soon.