User management in an application in which a Miro board is embedded


We are testing how we can embed a Miro board in an application, and we have a couple of questions about user management. We are using, for now, a Developer account.
1) Is it possible to create a user via the Miro REST API using the Developer account (to test the feature)?
2) After creating the account via the Miro REST API, does the user need to login into Miro to access (to edit) one board? Or is there a mechanism to avoid the Miro login page/popup?
3) If an already created user moves to another device (where they are not logged in to Miro) is there any mechanism to log them using the REST API to avoid the Miro login page/popup? 
4) Who will be the Miro user when an API-created user logs into the app that embeds Miro board?


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