Unable to modify config for a published Miro App? Expect there to be a resubmit flow for existing published Miro apps with updated config

  • 3 March 2023
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Hi there,


We have an existing published Miro app, and when we try to edit any config for it, we get an error message that it cannot be edited because the app is already published.

Surely there must be some flow to edit and resubmit an existing app with updated config?

Am I missing something, or does this require manual intervention by the Miro team to update an existing app?



What is the update flow for editing and resubmitting an existing published app?

Or do you recommend creating a new app altogether in order to “update” it, then we share our latest new App ID with you once we are ready to resubmit?

1 reply

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Hey @Ethan Sherbondy - we currently don’t have a self-serve facility for updating the details of a published app. If you need to update any details on the Marketplace app listing you can provide these via another listing form found on the Marketplace Listing Guidelines page. This will automatically create a subtask to your original submission Jira ticket, and we’ll then process these changes. 

If you need to make any changes to the app manifest (which it looks like you do) you can reach out to me directly (christopher.p@miro.com) and we’ll get these changes updated for you.

We’re working on introducing more self-serve options which should hopefully alleviate these situations.