Sticky Notes do not seem to support HTML based rich text styling

  • 1 August 2023
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We use the Miro create sticky note item API ( and send HTML in the content field. We notice that the CSS styling (ex:  font-style: italic; etc) is not being reflected in the sticky note in default display (however its visible when it is in “edit” state). This seems to be a regression since this was visible before in default display. 

Can you suggest a way in which we can use the Sticky Note API to create notes with stylised (italics, bold, underline etc) content?

1 reply

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Hi @Nikhil Sachdeva,

Thanks for reaching out!

To style the content on a sticky note, you should be able to pass the corresponding style/HTML tag directly in the content. For example, to create a bold sticky:

"data": {
"content": "<p><strong>Bold Sticky</strong></p>"

Or an italicised sticky note using <em></em> tags, etc. This should be created like this:

Let me know if this helps!