SDK v2 Full Modal Styling Control

  • 24 August 2022
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  Hey, I think I posted this in the wrong / suboptimal category, sorry:

Hey there  


I would like to use a Modal within my App’s UI, but am faced with a rather suboptimally looking result when it comes to the backdrop:

Use case 1: Plugin’s settings

With SDK v1, the entirety of the modal in which the App is rendered could be styled, but with SDK v2, it seems that you guys enforce a (admittably healthy) default padding outside of a Plugin dev’s control (on the “rtb-modal-container__content” I think?).


Use case 2: Import progress


Any chance we can get back (or somehow have) (full/partial) control over the modal’s styling? 

Or will I have to scratch the idea and just use the whole iFrame, without any backdrop?


1 reply

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Hey @aurech - Right now the padding around the modal can’t be controlled - so you will need to work with the padding around the view provided!