[RESOLVED] Help - Opened a free Miro account to test API and Web SDK but not issued client ID

  • 15 July 2022
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Hello Team,

I am trying to test the API and SDK on a free miro account, but I don’t have a client ID nor been issued one.

I have checked user profile and apps in settings.

From the documention, I need to have a client ID to register my app to start with, before attempting to use the API.

Is the client ID unique to a user or app?

If unique to a user, shouldn’t a default one be created on opening a miro account?

Or do I have to specially request one? If yes, shouldn’t that be in the Documentation?


1 reply


Resolved. For anyone stuck, this is the answer.
You may have to start from hello world! https://developers.miro.com/docs/build-your-first-hello-world-app#step-3-create-your-app-in-miro