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  • 11 July 2020
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I’m using the REST API to try to add stickies to a frame, similar to the GitHub Issue Importer example.  I find that if I specify a parentFrameId, that the x and y position is ignored and the sticky is added to the center of the frame.  If I don’t specify a parentFrameId and give an x and y, then I can position them, but they aren’t considered children of the frame unless I go into the board manually and wiggle the stickies.


How can I put content into a frame and not have it all stacked on top of each other?  Also, I couldn’t find documentation for the parentFrameId in your API documentation.  It is only mentioned in the example.


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Hi @Steve Appling - Thanks for reaching out. Yes, this is the current limitation of our API and will be fixed in the future.
For now, you can use this current workaround: if frame is set to 'grid' mode, than objects are automatically placed in a grid. Check this gif: