Miro Marketplace App Permissions

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When I install an new app from the marketplace ( in this case ) it once says something like “this app will have permission to read and write all your boards”.

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Hi Matthias, I can see how this can be unclear, so thank you for your questions! 

The Undraw app indeed currently requires permission to read and write to boards in order to add content (stickers) to your boards. 

Miro Platform team has in plans to make the permissions more granular, which will be probably something similar to your suggestions. 

The team is also adding privacy policies to 3rd party app pages as we get them from developers. Please expect that all apps will have the privacy policy listed on the app pages:

Thank you! 


I had the roughly the same question so I hope it is okay if I post a follow-up?

  • if I understand correctly, all apps and integrations in the market place will have access to all content of our boards and there is no technical barrier to keep them from transmitting the information elsewhere?
  • I took a quick look at the developer documentation: it seems that Miro scans the apps before they are accepted into the market place. Does this include scanning for potential privacy issues?

Thank you for your help!