Miro Keeps Glitching and Reloading Itself In IFrame

  • 19 April 2022
  • 1 reply

I am trying to implement Miro into this video tech as an Iframe, but it keeps flashing or glitching, and reloading.

Here is a video of what I am experiencing:

Here is the actual tech to test out and see for yourself.


What could be causing this?

1 reply

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Hi Devin! 


I don’t believe the errors/warnings you’re getting are related to the main issue you’re running into - A few questions:


  • How are you implementing the embedded board? (Code snippet would be helpful)
  • How is your app built (technologies/code samples also helpful here!)

To me, it looks like your app is reloading/re-rendering the content you’re displaying (in this case, the Miro embed, which is causing it to reload. 


Let me know a bit more context, happy to help more!