miro.getClientId() is broken or deprecated..?

  • 26 January 2021
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 @Farbod Saraf @farbodsaraf @Daniela Gavidia 

its seems that . . . 


. . . has suddenly broken.  We found the error as one of our Clusterizer users reached out to us.  The issue has indeed taken Clusterizer down with it → as we cannot write metaData without the clientID. 


Was it deprecated…?  It is still shown in the SDK d.ts file but the console returns this error. 





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7 replies

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Currently, it' s impossible to write metadata for any widget. :(

However, the board has inherited metadata as well as the get and update functions.

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@Max Harper , My observation is miro.getClientId() never worked from web console, but it still works from plugin. Like @Laflys mentioned the write operation on metadata stopped working in past 24 hrs it doesn’t seem to actually write & doesn’t throw any kind of error messages as well.

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Hi Everyone,


We recently identified an issue with the metadata API and rolled out a fix for it. It should be back to normal.

Regarding `miro.clientId()`. We checked and it is working as expected. This API was not deprecated or removed, though, what @Ramkumar says is true. getClientId will not work if you try to use it from the web console. It only works when you run it in your plugin.

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@Esteban Beltran Awesome ! 

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@Esteban Beltran  @Farbod Saraf 


Are you saying that   miro.getClientId()  has been changed to miro.clientId() ?  


Just confirming that whatever broke WRT metadata is still broken with respect to our Clusterizer app as it can no longer get client id and therefore write metadata. 

See the customer issue thread here: 


How do you suggest I go about debugging ? Should I change  miro.getClientId() to miro.clientId()  ?  
Is there something else I need to change WRT metadata? 

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@Esteban Beltran @Farbod Saraf   @@Ramkumar thanks for the info and support there. 

Actually it looks like the fix has propagated. Made no changes and Clusterizer seems to be working again now.  

Thank you. 


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Hi @Max Harper 


Excuses for the confusion, there was a typo on my message. The method is called -and remain called- getClientId as specific on the documentation, it has not been deprecated or changed in anyway.


We’ve tested miro.getClientId internally and it works just as expected. We had a problem with widgets metadata that we fixed a few hours ago and is working back again.


To expand on my comment regarding getClientId not working on the browser console: if you try to use `miro.getClientId()` directly on your browser console e.g: chrome dev tools console tab. It will show an error like the one in your original question’s screenshot. getClientId only works when is used in the code inside a plugin.


Are you still experiencing problem with metadata or with getClientId?