Miro Embed Boards For Non Registered Users - How To Join Board

  • 19 July 2021
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We’re using the “Editable boards for not registered users” as per the docs: here.

Following the docs we’re able to get the embed boards to function without having to sign in as desired.

However, we’re unsure how to connect multiple users to the same board, or return the same user to a board after leaving and returning. How might we do this? Is there a way to specify the board ID to connect to? Or something along those lines. Obviously for a collaborative tool like miro, it’s quite critical that we have multiple users connect to the same board.

It’s mentioned that the boards for anonymous users are destroyed after 24 hours, which to me implies that there must be a way to return to the board.


Thank you!

1 reply

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Hi @Alex Dobson,


Sorry for the late reply. 

Regarding connecting multiple users to the same temporary board:

When a user creates a temporary board, it returns the URL of this board. You will need then to send an event to all the other users that need to see it to open the same URL.


As it is a temporary board, it is not saved in any Miro Team.  You will need to save that URL if they want to come back to it later or move the board to an existing Miro Team.