Miro API: oAuth 2.0 token has access to old resources only

  • 2 June 2022
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I noticed a strange behavior. Steps:

  1. I have two boards
  2. I get access token via my app via oAuth 2.0
  3. Send Get Boards API request (v2)
  4. I see in response 2 boards.
  5. I will add one more board via UI.
  6. Send Get Boards API request again
  7. In response still 2 boards instead of 3

Refreshing token does not help.

How can I get access to resources created AFTER I generated oAuth token?

1 reply

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Hi @Cigeyo,


I am not able to reproduce this issue. I can think of 2 potentials reasons you face this:

  • The access token you use is the representation of a user in a team, meaning that the API can returns only what the related user has access to. If a board is not accessible to the user who has created the access token then the API will not return the board
  • The Get boards API has a limit (set to 20 by default). You can override this limit or paginate over the different pages of the response.


Hope this helps,