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Hi. Help, please.
We want to collest  Miro’s logs from API to our SIEM.
In your instructions
there’s written that we need to create Dev team and create applocation for getting an access token,

So, i have questions:
1) What privelegies and appointment will this application have?
2) Do I need to develop the collector (writing scripts) in this application?
3) Will the received token be enough for collecting ALL the logs from “Audit logs”-section?

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Hi @Alyan Saniev,


Sorry for the late reply.

  1. To access the log you need to enable the scope “audit:logs” when creating your developer application. This will work only if you have an Enterprise plan and the person installing the app is a Company Admin.
  2. The Get Logs API will return the logs between 2 dates passed as parameters (you can see the documentation here). You can find what information is returned here.
  3. Yes, if this access_token is from a user that is Company Admin and the application has been installed in a Team that has an Enterprise plan you will get all the information that are described in the link above (point 2).

Have the date parameters changed with the new UI updates?  Just curious because the 2 dates I passed are giving me the following error:  

  "status": 404,
  "code": "notFound",
  "message": "Organization not found",
  "type": "error"



This is what I have given:  

'' \

3 --header 'Accept: application/json' \


Thanks in advance for the feedback.