Lock & Hide Frames via REST API

  • 14 December 2020
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We run workshops and trainings, usually with about 100 frames/exercises. For every class/workshop, these are copied from a template and there’s usually some manual tweaking to be done by the trainer. I set out to write a simple tool that would unlock & unhide all frames, let the trainer make some tweaks, and then run the tool again to lock (in place) and hide (to prevent peaking ahead) all frames.

I was surprised that frames are readonly. Is there any workaround to this issue of having to click at least 200 times (lock, hide) to get ready to run a workshop?

5 replies

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@Fredrik Wendt

I’m more familiar with the SDK than the API. 

With the SDK, most of the frame object is read/write. 

  • Proper “lock” and “hide frame” are not accessible with the sdk. 
  • Instead you have one property at your disposal that works with frames - > on the frame object “clientVisible: true/false” 

You might be able to hack your way to a solution that way.   Not ideal— I know. 


But dreaming forward for the V2 sdk —> quick note for platform team ...

@Farbod Saraf 

the api / sdk needs to allow methods for: 

  • Locking/unlocking any and all objects including frames (security issues I presume?) 
  • Hiding / Unhiding frames 
  • while we’re at it: group/un group




Are there any new developments here in the meantime?

Are there any new developments here in the meantime?

I would be interested in the features / options too!


Ask again: Are there any new developments here in the meantime?

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Hello Timo,


We do have a wider functionality regarding the frame objects editing via REST API v2.


The frames can be edited now using the Update Frame request - https://developers.miro.com/reference/update-frame-item!


Specifically, it can be hidden or shown via the showContent attribute:



Hope that helps!