Is there an API to upload a whole Miro board in one atomic operation, instead of constructing it with multiple API calls?

  • 9 January 2023
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I have flowchart-like diagrams made by an other diagramming suite, and I would like to convert and upload them to Miro.

Currently the only way I see this being possible with the Miro Rest API, if I build some adaptor that sends an API request for each item and connector. (e.g.: create board, create item a, create item b, create connector,… etc..) This will result in lots of API calls even for a simple diagram, with lots of networks calls and error scenarios to manage, possibly with transactions needed.

Is there an API that would allow me to assemble the Miro diagram on my end and somehow upload it to Miro in one atomic operation with only a few API calls involved? (e.g: upload the whole thing described in one json?) Do you have any other recommendation on how to handle the use case?



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Hi @Daniel Vidonyi , this is unfortunately not possible at the moment. However bulk operations for REST API are currently being worked on by the team. You can follow the status on the public roadmap:

In the meantime, you will indeed have to create each item and connection separately. There’s a blog post on Miro engineering blog that explains how PlantUML diagram app was built, so maybe that can help you with some inspiration: