Is it possible to get image widget data from REST api?

I need to get at the image data for an image widget.  Currently when I get an image type widget, the url, width and height fields are null.  See below response:

"title":"my image"


Is this possible with the current REST api?

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Hi @Geoff,


Thanks for raising this. It is an issue with the current API. The team is working on it, but unfortunately, we don’t have yet a target date of when it will be fixed.


We will keep you informed when a fix is deployed.



I’m also looking for this… Please notify me as well.

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@RobertoW, @Geoff,


We have been working on a new REST API design for Image widget and are looking for developers to review it and provide feedback. Please reach out by private message if you are interested.

I am trying to get image widget data  in a web plugin.  

If i create an image widget by copying it from a web page, the url field is nicely set and i can use that information.  

If i create an image widget by copy/pasting a screenshot, the url field is empty and i can not access the image.

Is there a way to access the image data with is stored within the Miro Board? 

Having access to the different resolutions of the image (which are probably cached in Miro) would be very interesting.   Thank you very much

Any news? It doesn’t look like this made it into the latest api

We really, really need this! Our software has to integrate closely with Miro and images are among the most important syncs.

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As part of our Miro Developer Platform v2 Beta, we’ve created a public Roadmap of known issues and feature requests. This is one we are actively working on. If you’d like to add your vote to the roadmap issue, it will subscribe you to any updates in the future.