Is it possible to capture the CardID and Title props. of a Jira card in Miro?

  • 12 December 2020
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Is it possible to capture properties of a Jira Card on a Miro board? I am wondering if the Jira card extends a Card Widget which means Jira Cards can be called via the SDK’s read method?


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Hi Markus! Yes you can get the Jira card widget data like for all other widgets on the board.

For example: 

You're absolutely right - Jira card just extends card widget. Unfortunately there is no any particular attribute that tells you for sure that this card is a Jira card. You can only determine this by circumstantial signs. For example you can find in customFields a field with an issue key from the jira. 

Hope this helps

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This is exactely what I am looking for but it doesn’t work anymore with sdk v2.0

I tried to use miro.board.get() but it doesn’t retrieve the custom fields as it is shown in the example above.

This is what I get with miro.board.get():

Any idea how can I retrieve the fields from a Jira Card?

Thank you!