Is it possible to batch deletion/move/duplicate/share boards?

  • 31 August 2020
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Hello Developer Community!


I hope you all had a good weekend.


I’m messaging today because I use Miro to facilitate events and game experiences and frequently need to create 20+ boards from a template, make them all ‘editable’ to guests, copy their links and delete them after use.


I would LOVE to see the dashboard with these kinds of batch commands - just like you would see in an email inbox.


Since this isn’t the case, I’m exploring other ways… is any of this possible through API? If so, how?


Thanking you in advance!




1 reply

Hey Cozy Juicy Real,


Miro indeed doesn't provide batch functionality from UI, but you can create as many boards as you want through API. To use API, you will need to get an access token. Here is a good video on how to get it and quickly see what you are capable of by working through Miro's API.

The only thing that seems impossible from your desired flow is a deletion of the board. Unfortunately, you will still need to do it manually.