IDs inconsistent across REST API endpoints

  • 5 April 2022
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  1. Call → the yields a board ID like 3074457347733873980
  2. Calling with that ID fails. Here we need to use the short ID o9J_ktAiH3s=

Possible solutions

  1. Make get-board accept long form of the id
  2. publish shortening algorithm / API

6 replies

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Thanks @Matthias.Cullmann for raising this. 


I raise this to the API team and will come back to you when I have more information.


Thanks @Anthony Roux , any news yet?


Hello @Anthony Roux , sorry for annoying you. For my expectation management: is this going to take hours, days, weeks or months?

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Hi @Matthias.Cullmann,


The feedback has been raised to the Enterprise team. This will have to be prioritize among other requirements. It is for the moment part of our backlog without an ETA. In all transparency this is most probably be prioritized by the development teams in a couple of weeks. 


Hi @Anthony Roux ,

coming back on this. A few couples of weeks have passed. Any updates? Do you have a ETA?

Best regards,


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Hi @Matthias.Cullmann,

Thanks for following up on this, and apologies for the delay in getting back to you with an update. I can certainly appreciate the importance of addressing this to unlock the further use of the board ID returned by our Audit Logs endpoint.

I’ve just checked back in with our Enterprise team, and I can confirm that this feedback is still on our Enterprise team’s radar. While we don’t have a concrete ETA to offer at this exact moment, it does seem likely that this will be addressed, but it’s currently being scoped amongst other competing priorities. 

That said, it’s something we’re pushing for, and we’re optimistic that we should be able to offer a better ETA on it soon. To be fully transparent, this is likely to be prioritized in the coming months, rather than weeks as we had initially hoped.

We will be happy to keep this thread open and share updates as we have them, but wanted to make sure we were able to get back to you in the meantime, even if it’s not the exact update we hoped to have by now. 

Don’t hesitate to let us know if you have further questions or feedback in the meantime.