How to monetize Miro apps?

  • 27 August 2022
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Hi everybody,

I’m new to the ecosystem, and I’m looking around if it’s a good place for me to unleash creativity and start creating apps.

I would like, however, to have the possibility to monetize them, and I haven’t found anything about it in the documentation.

Is there any possibility to earn money from Miro Apps?
If so, how?

Best regards,

1 reply

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Hi @Arsi Kerha

Great question - Monetising your Miro Apps is definitely something you can do! While we don’t have a dedicated way to do this in Miro, one way to accomplish this could be setting up a “pay wall” or something similar with a service like Stripe or Mollie. 

This way you could require users to pay for your app (even after installing it) in order to get it’s functionality.