How to get the same registered miro board ?

  • 14 April 2023
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What is the functionality that i am looking for ?
When is visited, the board that opens is unregistered miro board, but when the window is closed and when opened again the same board is shown again (the miro board is reused / the miro board is remembered), how to achieve this functionality using miro board picker (live embed) ?

Current functionality is: 
When ever the board picker is triggered, clicking on create board (unregistered) will always open a new miro board.


What i have already tried: 
Create a new miro board with a new jwt token , store this jwt token.
Now when opening a board picker again , pass in the same function that returns the same jwt token created earlier. But this also creates a new miro board . 

What can i do to actually reuse the same unregistered miro board ?

how to get the data of which board (unregistered / registered board) the user selected from the board picker? (looking get this response in board picker success response, As there are 2 options that come with in the broad picker to create a unregistered board & one to signin to miro, i would want to apply the above functionality to only unregistered miro boards ) 

4 replies

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Hey @thedarkstrix, I believe you can achieve this by storing the information that your receive in boardPicker success handler. You can use browser localStorage for this. So next time a user loads the page, you can embed the board that’s in the storage instead of showing the board picker to users.

Would that work in your case?

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@thedarkstrix yes it works partially, i would want to basically load the board only if the user is trying to load a unregistered miro board only, if the user wants to login to miro and choose another board they should be able to do so. But the issue here is in the successHandler i don’t know what the user selection was or in other words the board loaded is a registered or unregistered board

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I see. It is indeed currently not possible to detect if the user is a Miro guest or a registered user by using the board picker.

Maybe a solution would be that you apply the same logic (reuse the selected board) to all users, and add an option to select a different board for embedding.
Eg: a button that will load the board picker where they can choose (or create) a different board to embed?

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@Josip Janzic Yep, implementing exactly that now