How to get notifications about new comments


We are building an integration similar to Miro → Slack integration.

I’m looking for an option to deliver notification functionality into our integration. I know you can get notified when someone mentioned you in the comments or when someone comments on a thread you follow.

I went through Miro API, but I could not find any webhooks or info related to comments on a board.


Is it possible to create such a feature?


Thank you!


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Hi @Ivan Homola,


The Miro Web-SDK supports this event:


It means you can listen to this event and know when a comment is added to a board.

For example:

miro.addListener('COMMENT_CREATED', widget => {


The Miro REST API does not offer any event listener/webhooks for the moment.


have you made any progress on the REST API?

Are there any options to receive notifications about comments besides the Web SDK?

I’ve noticed that Slack integration is receiving comment mentions in real time 🤔