How can I use SDK v1 functionality


I recently created an app  with the SDK v2, then I realized that the functionality I want is on v1. How can I use the SDK v1 functionality? I tried using


since that works in the browser using dev tools, but it looks like is not available when running the app.

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Hey @Omar Eduardo Hernandez,

Thanks for reaching out about this, and good question.

With the launch of our V2 platform and the deprecation announcement for v1, I’m afraid the V1 SDK will no longer be accessible for new apps. You will have to work directly with the V2 SDK.

What is it you’re trying to do? I’m happy to try and help with some additional guidance or suggestions where possible 😀




I am parsing the cards from a USM, and I need all the information that is visible on the board about the cards. But I can only access with the SDK v2, for example in the tags, the tagId, but I need the tag title.


I found the solution. I am leaving it here in case anyone needs it.


At this moment almost every property of the cards (that is displayed on the board) is accessible using 

miro.board.get({ type: 'card' })

but there is missing information about the assignee and tags. In both cases there is only the id of the object(s).

How to get assignee info:

So to get that I had to use the Miro REST API v1 to get the user info, that’s how I got the assignee’s name and email. 

How to get full tags info:



for every tagId in each of the cards.