How can I create rest api app and use it in enterprise account?

  • 19 July 2021
  • 1 reply

I have application tested in my personal account in dev-team. But then i signed to enterprise account, I can’t create a dev-team and create any rest api configuration. I received a message during dev team creation - Domain users are not allowed to create any account outside of their domain organization.

Domain admin is ready to provide any rights, but how can it be done? 

1 reply

Hi Monitor,

With domain-control enabled the creation of a dev-team is not possible.  This is by design as a security feature of the platform when securing accounts via domain-control. 

To get around this you will need to ask your company admin to temporarily disable the domain control feature.  This can be done very quickly by accessing the security settings and toggling domain control off for the given domain your account email address is under.  Once you have created the dev-team you can re-enable the domain control, and your dev-team will persist.