Getting tags info using Miro API

  • 2 September 2021
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Hi, are there any possibilities to get tags info from board?

I want to get info from tags attached to board objects.

For example, i want to read two tags from tihs sticker using API


1 reply

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Hi @kirillkirillkirill,


Using the Web SDK:

Tag is a parameter of the JSON body of the widget, in the case of the sticker if you retrieve the JSON body you will find a tags array, in the example below with 2 tags (tag2 and tag3)

await miro.board.selection.get()
"id": "3074457363406800008",
"type": "STICKER",
"bounds": {},
"style": {},
"metadata": {},
"capabilities": {},
"text": "<p>test</p>",
"plainText": "test",
"tags": [
"id": "3074457363234047561",
"title": "tag2",
"color": "#cee741",
"widgetIds": [
"id": "3074457363234047562",
"title": "tag3",
"color": "#12cdd4",
"widgetIds": [


The Web SDK has a method to retrieve tags from the board and know to which widgets they are attached to:


You can find an example


Using the REST API:

It is not possible today to interact with Tags using REST API. This is something the team is working on.