Frame lose metadata on reloading

  • 6 March 2021
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For a few weeks now, the Frames have not stored metadata when the board is reloaded. 
Is an update planned at this level, as we have several plugins that use this functionality?
Thank you!

7 replies

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Hello Laflys,


Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. I have been able to reproduce it on my end and will notify the engineering team about it.


Kind regards.



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Thank you @Daniela Gavidia !

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Having this issue too. 

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I have the issue too, for other item types. And actually, this is rendering our plugin useless. I am surprised, that we only found out the reason to why we get so inconsistent data so late. If this issue already exists for a month. 😜

When can we expect a fix?

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Seems to be working again. Thanks for fixing it.

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And it is broken again. :(

Hi there,

I can confirm that on my developer account at least, metadata on frames does not survive a refresh - both in what is returned in a call to widgets.get(). Using filter arguments on widgets.get to filter by metadata also does not work:



const clientid = miro.getClientId(); (await miro.board.widgets.create({type: "FRAME", metadata:{
[clientid]: {
"testing": 123
}})); // resolves to widget with metadata values populated

await miro.board.getAllObjects() // includes widget with meta data values populated.

await miro.board.widgets.get(["metadata."+clientid+".testing", 123]) // returns the frame created (other get filters function correctly)

After reloading the page, the same getAllObjects and get queries do not return any frames on previous pages. 

I was thinking of using a secret hidden shape on the page to store frame metadata separately and perhaps restore the metadata to relevant frames on load. 

This does not feel a long term approach though so it would be great to know if this behaviour is by design or is it just missing functionality! 




Jen Smith