FontSize not present on some items in REST API

  • 23 June 2022
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I am migrating an app over to Miro’s V2 API and I’m finding that font sizes are not available in the the style object for text items.


E.g. I have a text node that has the following style object:

"fillColor": "#ffffffff",
"fillOpacity": "1.0",
"fontFamily": "open_sans",
"textAlign": "left",
"color": "#1a1a1a"


I know from looking at the board and by checking it on V1 of the API that this text item in fact has a font size of 144px, but this isn’t present on the V2 API response. Is there some way of retrieving this font size? Otherwise I am going to have to mix the V1 and V2 APIs which doesn’t exactly seem like good practice.

2 replies

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Hi Emile - I think this is a bug right now. I’ve reported it, and we’ll have a look to see if we can fix it fast!

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Thanks for the fast response @Addison Schultz