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  • 4 August 2021
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I am talking about the Miro web plugin SDK and its capabilities.

There are multiple events that I’ve successfully used in relation to stickers.

  • WIDGETS_CREATED - Successfully fires when I create a new sticker.
  • WIDGETS_DELETED - Successfully fires when I delete an existing sticker.
  • WIDGETS_TRANSFORMATION_UPDATED - Successfully fires when I resize a sticker.

However there does not seem to be any event that fires when I change the sticker text. This is especially annoying because this also applies for the very first edit. So when I create a new sticker, I get the WIDGETS_CREATED event for this sticker. However after I write some text for this sticker, there will be no event. It’s only later, for example when I resize the sticker, that I will catch on to the fact that the text has changed.

Is there an event I can subscribe to that fires when the sticker text is changed? Did I miss something?

If there isn’t any such event right now, are there plans on adding such an event? Knowing when the user changes text on stickers would allow for a much smoother plugin experience that would match the rest of Miro. Constant polling or manual refresh buttons are not a great look.


4 replies

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@Kaur Kuut  There isn’t such event. I feel your pain. I’ve registered this with Miro’s platform team as well.


@Anthony Roux :thinking:  

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Hi @Kaur Kuut,


As Max said we don’t have an event for content changed for the moment. It is part of our backlog to work on our events. I will raise this one to the team and will update the message here when I have more information.

That is really too bad. @Anthony Roux is there a way to vote for this to signify the need?

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I already added your feedback to our insight system, thanks @Marijn Huizendveld