Embedding our app on a Miro Board


Hello to everyone at the Miro Community. 

I'm building a Mindmapping app, and most of our users already use Miro. I wanted to know if there is a way to embed our app into a Miro board. 


I've seen a video that shows an embedded google doc on Miro. Is it possible to create such integrations for other apps as well? 


The documentation shows how to embed Miro boards in other apps ( like google hangouts), but is the reverse possible i.e. embedded our app into a Miro board? 


Thank you. 

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@kranthitech - Have you reviewed the SDK Embed documentation?

You mentioned Google Docs - when you embed a Google Drive object to a board and need to open it, it simply opens the modal and displays the doc or sheet.

Perhaps you could elaborate on how you envision your app working in Miro?

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I know … beautiful possibilities. 
…but… as of now.. Nope — no support for this as precisely as you desire- at this time.  Figjam offers more of this precise feature at the moment, but not nearly the user audience of Miro.  

Why not reconfigure your app to compute layout headless, then render/sync to Miro primitives (boxes, lines) contained in various board frames and “sync” with the headless layout representation. You can use appcards as the entities, lines for relationships, and run the rest of the app in sidebar panel or modal interface extension point. ??



@Robert Johnson - Thanks for sharing the resource. This is what I was looking for.

To elaborate a bit, let me give some context on our app - ThoughtFlow helps users to define a schema in a domain language, and then populate information in different views like trees (mindmaps), sheets, kanban boards based etc, on their need.

For example - You could define a schema like

Pages → Content Sections → Media

and then populate information in the form of a visual sitemap for ideation or a content board for planning. Think of it as a mashup of Airtable and Mindmaps. I think that seeing different views on an infinite canvas like Miro, might be a good way for cross-functional teams to work together.

Would love to hear your thoughts on this.


@Max Harper  - Great to see you here mate 🙂 . Thanks for Sharing this.

Miro SDK seems really deep and powerful. I’ll take a deeper dive into the native integration possibilities.

Looks like this is going to be fun :)