Create Overflow plugin for Miro

  • 5 June 2021
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Looking for some guidance.  I am on an internship and have been asked to look into a way Miro can add flow diagram projects from Overflow.  What i want to do is to add projects from Overflow as you would do with the already available plugin for Adobe XD.  The idea is to provide collaboration on Overflow projects.  Any assistance to point me in the right direction will be greatly appreciated.

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Hi @Constantinos Paphitis ,


Miro Platform offers different components allowing you to:

  • Build 3rd party integrations with Miro data using REST API
  • Build plugins into the Miro interface
  • Embed Miro boards into other web applications using iFrame

The first component is Miro REST API. The REST API allows you to sync data between different applications, configure boards and users' access. This is the backend side of the thing. You can take a look here at how to start using the REST API.


The second component is Miro Web-SDK. Web plugins are a fast and easy way to create your own tools within Miro. With web plugins, you can add buttons to toolbars, render custom views in modals and sidebars, and modify objects on the board. You can find more examples for the Web SDK herehere, and here. You can as well take a look at our GitHub project for more open-source examples.


The last component is Miro Live Embed. With Live Embed, you can embed a Miro board into any web application, product, or website.


Depending of the use-case and the user flow you might need to use the REST API and (maybe) the Web SDK.


Hope it helps,