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  • 21 June 2021
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hi everyone,

What I’d love to do is allow users of our product to connect their account to our product (like Salesforce connect or creating a connected account in Stripe if anyone is familiar with those).


The way this would work

  • Client would generate a key / secret for Miro
  • Client would input that in our products dashboard
  • We can now dynamically create whiteboard for them in various meetings/events they they have in our product using the rest API


Does anyone know if this is possible? Or is anyone doing anything similar - even with a workaround?





Note: I had a good look through existing forums but didn’t see an obvious answer to this which is why I am creating a new thread


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@PatrickOM - In essence, it sounds like you want to build an app that can create Miro boards. To create Miro boards in an account from outside of the Miro interface, you would use the Miro Developer Platform REST API. This is similar to what HopinToasty, or the Zapier + Miro integration app do.

While you wait for replies on this forum, you could also directly consultant with a development resource and direct them to the Miro developer platform documentation.

Thanks Rob.


The only difference is this.

Imagine I have 2 clients using my product.

I want them to be able to authenticate our product to create a Miro board on their behalf.


let’s say that Pepsi is our client.

They would add their Miro key/secret (that they have obtained somehow) in our dashboard and then our product (called Lounjee) would create a board passing the client ID of Pepsi.

They could revoke this right anytime.


But we would be able to create a board for them

Sounds like it’s not an option right now..




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@PatrickOM - I had left a few other replies, but honestly, after re-reading them and playing around with both and, I think my replies were incorrect (or at least partially, without better understanding what you are trying to accomplish).

I did just check out Lounjee and my first thoughts are that it could work similar to how Hopin and Toasty works. To see how the Toasty integration works, you can create a free account and start using it rather quickly →

Once I started a session in Toasty, I was able to click on Choose a board. When I am also ready signed into Miro, I can create a new one in my account or choose an existing board. If I don’t have a Miro account, I can create a guest board (which presumably creates the board in Toasty’s account).

I would suggest having a real-time conversation with someone who has experience in building web apps + REST API and who could also help build a visual model (in a Miro board, of course) to represent your idea for this product/service.

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Hi @PatrickOM,


Thanks for reaching out. 

If I understood well your use-case, this is possible thanks to the OAuth 2 flow.

You, as developer, will create the app and have a client id/client secret. In your app, you will implement the OAuth 2 flow. The first time a user would like to use your app, they will have to authorise their app in their Miro account (standard OAuth 2 flow). For this user, you will get an access_token that you will then be able to use to create boards in their name (you will use this access_token to call the REST API). 


Will this work for what you are building?

Thanks @Anthony Roux - yes that’s exactly it.