changing authorize button text if app already installed

  • 18 August 2023
  • 2 replies

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Hi, For some reasons if user looses his access token and refresh token, or if a user’s refresh token has expired, we need to initiate the OAuth flow again, this is ok.

But the authorize button shows ‘Add again’ not ‘Authorize’ while app is still being installed. This is wired, can it be changed?


2 replies

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Hey @li.nan - we show the “Add again” button when an app is already installed to an account and then the install process is initiated again. 

When an app is already installed to an account but a user hasn’t yet performed the OAuth dance to authorise the app for themselves we show the “Allow” button. 

If you users open the app in question which needs to go through the OAuth flow again they will be greeted with the “Allow” button, this should precent you needing to reinstall the app and encounter the “Add again” button. 


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Hi, @Chris Parker Thank you for your reply!

So, you are saying this was an expected behavior…

Ok, then. I can live with that. But still get a little confused why i have to install the app again though. I mean i thought we just need to (re)authorize the app, not re-installing it...