Cant change to Free Restricted SCIM API

  • 6 October 2022
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Im trying to do a script powershell with a function who changes ‘userType’ from ‘Full’ to  ‘Free Restricted’, but it dont work (error 400 ). I tried with PUT and PATCH methods.  If i try to change from ‘Full’ to ‘Free Restricted’ it works properly. Can i have a support? Thanks!

4 replies

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Hi @Jairo da Costa Barbosa Filho,


The Miro SCIM API does not support downgrades yet, therefore the only possible value for the attribute 'userType' that can be passed for POST and PATCH calls is 'Full'. Downgrading from 'Full' to 'Free Restricted' at the moment is only possible through the Miro Admin Interface.

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Thanks you for your answer. 

So i will wait for it!


Have a good day!


My organization would like to have this downgrade option, too. 
Reading the SCIM API documentation, I found the “update user attribute by ID” example to upgrade with string value “Full”. But that is the only value that is accepted! On the other hand, retrieving the attributes via API will show value “free restricted” for those users. This attribute string value can be read but it can not be written. Why not allowing to write a different string value? This downgrade feature is deliberately hidden by Miro. Forcing customer admins to do this manually is not helpful for CX.
@Miro: You should really reconsider this shortsighted profit-oriented decision. 

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Hi @Andri H.,


Thank you for bringing this up! And thanks for letting us know that same feature is important for you as well. We will continue advocating for this internally.