Building External Backend to copy boards of team - having difficulties with "dev team"

  • 14 March 2022
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Dear all,


I’m currently building a React app to generate automated miro exercises. The goal is that a user has the possibility to start an exercise and be directly forwarded to a board in our organization with public access rights.


Currently I’m having difficulties to create these boards via the API outside the Developer Team. As far as I understood, I can export my application to other teams, but then I can't create an access token for this team or cannot access this team with my old one.


It seems like I need to generate a new access token. But I’m incapable to do it. I would be happy about any help. Or please provide information on how else I could generate these boards outside the developer team.


See below for my basic interaction diagram.


Thank you!

Best regards


1 reply

I think I’ve found a solution.


I can get my team id where I want to copy it to by specifying a board from this team with the GET Board call and from there on work with the in the PUT Copy Board call. But isn’t there a simpler way?