Bug: Inconsistent behavior for guest user

  • 4 November 2021
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Hi Team,


It appears there is an inconsistent web plugin behavior for guest users, For certain instances the plugin installed for the board is accessible to guest users but in some instances it is not accessible to guest users.

Trying to install plugin as guest user even produces the below error.

Could you please clarify the correct behavior for web plugins as we want to support the plugin if its accessible to guest users.

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@Ramkumar - I have never heard of or seen an instance where a Guest Editor role could access a web-plugin, the reason being that their Miro account profile is not authorized to execute the app because they haven’t authorized the app, which they can’t do unless they are a team member.

This was discussed in the following post:

Viewers cannot see the custom Icons added in bottom bar | Miro

If you do have a specific example of where non-team member Guest Editors are able to see and execute web-plugins, I would be curious to see this by the user recording (Loom is free and easy to use) of this in action by having the guest show their role on the role (by hovering over their avatar) and then showing and executing the web-plugin.

If there are some guests who were able to see/execute web-plugins, perhaps it has something to do with the recent changes Miro made to the anonymous/guest/visitor role as outline in the following article:

Collaboration with guests (BETA) – Miro Support & Help Center