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  • 25 December 2021
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@Anthony Roux - Can you confirm the status of the bottomBar extension point and the new UI beta?

For example, the following does not appear to work in the new UI:

    extensionPoints: {

      bottomBar: {

        title: "Cardsy",

        tooltip: "Generate Cards",

        svgIcon: icon,


For one of my personal projects, I had to switch to the ‘toolbar’ extension point and replace ‘svgIcon’ with:

toolbarSvgIcon: icon,

librarySvgIcon: icon,

Tagging in @Yash as his Cardsy plugin is work working in the new UI using the above bottomBar extension point.

4 replies

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Thanks for reaching out @Robert Johnson. The bottom bar has been moved to the top right of the board and all the existing apps that are using the bottom bar will be automatically moved to the top-right bar so no re-work is needed from your end.

Based on your message, we did an investigation and noticed there’s an issue that causes apps that are using bottom bar to not load on the top right bar. Our team is busy with the fix. We’ll keep you posted once the fix is released.

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@farbodsaraf - Thanks for confirming that I was not missing something. I had noticed bottomBar apps appearing in the top bar, but then they just stopped showing up. I will watch for your reply once a fix is in place

One more question while I have you here: If I am using bottomBar, what should I be using for my icon? E.g., bottomBarSvgIcon?

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@Robert Johnson Thanks for your patience. The issue above is fixed. Please check and let me know if it works. Also related to your second question, you need to use svgIcon:

miro.onReady(() => {  miro.initialize({      extensionPoints: {          bottomBar: {              title: 'name of app',              svgIcon: 'your svg icon code',              onClick: () => {                  console.log('desired action');              }          }      }  })})
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@farbodsaraf - Thanks for following up - tested and working again!