BoardsPicker for anonymous users: get accessToken to use with Rest API?

  • 12 February 2021
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When a Board is created using boardsPicker with 

allowCreateAnonymousBoards: true,
action: "access-link"

… is there a way to obtain an accessToken to use with the REST API, to modify this anonymous Board?

(Assuming the user is not logged into Miro, and is therefore created as a Guest Editor.)


I imagine that if the user were logged in to Miro already, we would need to complete an OAuth2 flow to obtain permission to use and accessToken on their behalf. However if the user is anonymous, then presumably there is no downside to also returning a REST API accessToken along with the accessLink?


My use case: allow unregistered users to create a Board, and then to programatically populate it with some content, and later to programatically read some content from it.


I will also investigate another approach: programatically creating Boards within my own Team, and generating public editor links for those, and then using Live Embed to enable unregistered users to use them. However the boardPicker approach seems preferable at first look.


Many thanks.

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