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  • 13 March 2021
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I’ve haven’t explored the API documentation yet, but I’m trying to get some guidance on a K12 use case.  Using the API, would I be able to do the following:  

  1. create a board for each student in a class.
  2. create the same Kanban chart on each student’s board
  3. add a the same item to the kanban board of each student (such as an assignment)
  4. access items on each student’s board

Thanks for any thoughts.



2 replies

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Hello @John Faig,

1 and 2 could be achieved by creating one board with the kanban and cloning it. We have an undocumented API endpoint that let's you clone a board. See:
3 is not possible (we do not support kanban in the SDK or API yet), but you could create a board with the kanban and the assignments first and then clone that board.

4 is possible as long as the students install the app that you create. Also, the endpoint for cloning boards creates copies of the board in the same team, so your students would need to be in the same team to access their cloned boards.

I hope this gives you an idea of where to start.

Kind regards.



Perhaps a document template could be placed on the board before cloning, I’m thinking perhaps of a Google Form with an assessment and the results are sent directly back to you. The student moves the document into a Done column themselves.

Potentially some ‘header’ and ‘footer’ info on the board with links to a communal board on the topic or to a classroom board