Any API to remove user licenses or remove users from MIRO Teams?

  • 11 November 2021
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Do we have any API to remove the user licenses or remove users from MIRO team? I can see API to invite users but not able to find option to delete.

I referred the documentation and delete apis are deprecated. Please confirm if any API is available to do this task.




4 replies

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@Ravikiran Majji 

Remove User from Miro Team: 

I think you want to create, update or destroy the “Board User Connection” or the “Team User Connection”

Remove License: 

I haven’t tried… but my first inclination would be to try: 

Update User:  Probably set the state param from registeredto 'deleted’ or ‘un_registered’ or ‘temporary’.

Also Note: For provisioning users and such related admin controls, Miro offers ‘Enterprise’ plan holders the Enterprise API (and the SCIM API):

Thanks Max Harper for the quick update. I am more interested to remove the user license. If that works, no need to remove users from teams.

Using this , I can update only my user connection and not able to change other uesr’s access I guess.

When it comes to SCIM provisioning , deletion works only if user has been disabled in other system ( Azure AD etc.). Please correct me if I am wrong. 


The main requirement for me (as an admin) is to remove user licenses dynamically. I am trying to automate it based on custom conditions like below

  1. If I provide access today then access should be revoked exactly 30 days from today. This needs to be automated. I wonder if any possibility is there to address this scenario.

Based on this thread Regarding User management in API | Miro, this option is not yet available.

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@Ravikiran Majji Good to know … a bummer to know. :)