"Allow list" in Miro? To get around CORS policy

  • 16 February 2021
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Attempting to implement a Web-plugin that imports/uses data published on a webserver.

This works OK if the webserver is the same as where the Web-plugin is published.

But when data is published on different server the browser CORS protection prevents accessing the data.

I’m not a web hacker, but if I understand it correctly to allow this the Server needs to modify the CORS policy by adding the data source location to the “Allow list”. Am I correct in this ?

Would it be possible to add such listing in the plugin setup or installation?

This would allow for a range of quite interesting features:

  • Importing and synchronizing JIRA issues without JIRA Integration (our corp. policy does not allow such external access to an internal server)
  • Charts and diagrams updated from live data
  • Images and other content integrated into Miro

Or is there some other solution?



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